Doveridge Clay Sports

If you’re looking for something a little different and exciting, you’ll only have to travel 6 miles through the Ashbourne countryside to find yourself at Doveridge Clay Sports. 

Whether you have tried your hand at shooting previously or you are a complete novice who doesn’t know which end of the gun to hold, Doveridge will have something to help you. All while ensuring your complete safety and a great deal of fun. 

Doveridge boasts a vast array of shooting ranges across their grounds, all dependent on what you are there for, from beginners lessons, to automatic ball traps. There are plenty of things to get stuck into in a range of scenery. 

If you’re looking to get into shooting yourself, or with some friends, they offer some great packages, taking you right from how to hold a gun, adjusting your sight to how and when to shoot. 

If you are looking to treat yourself to a shooting day but need to turn it into a family day, that’s possible too! You can book your smaller family members into young shots lessons. Get them started early and they’ll be competing with you in no time. 

For those seasoned shooters looking to visit, Doveridge have their very own onsite gunsmith. So if you have a gun that needs a little TLC, or you have an issue with one, head over to the website to see how to contact him. 

Head over to the Doveridge website before you visit, you might just find yourself in a competition. Are you brave enough to enter?

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