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Reasons Why You Should Consider a Tipi Wedding Venue

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Tipi Wedding Venue
If you’re looking for an unforgettable, enjoyable and wonderfully relaxing wedding day, a Tipi Wedding Venue might just be what you’re looking for. The most important thing to remember when you’re planning your wedding is that it’s your day and no one else’s. Forget what other people might like or fancy, or what location or decor might please the most people. If you’ve always wanted something a bit different that offers quirky, bespoke details and a wholesome environment for you and your closest people to make beautiful everlasting memories in, then a Tipi Wedding might just be the place to make that happen. There are many reasons why a Tipi Wedding makes an extraordinary day for you and your new husband, wife or significant other to celebrate. The reasons listed below will offer you an idea of what your day will feel like in comparison to a more traditional wedding venue. Read on to discover whether a Tipi Wedding sounds right for you, and feel free to contact our helpful team if you have any questions. Download our Tipi Weddings brochure here.

One Calm Location

Another wonderful advantage of investing in a Tipi Wedding Venue is that the location offers escapism for the newly wedded couple. Instead of having your wedding setting based in various locations in a confined space or busy location such as a city registry office, you can relax knowing that the wedding ceremony, breakfast and evening reception can all take place inside the Tipi. You’ll find that you and your partner will set the tone and atmosphere, and the best weddings are those where the guests can relax and enjoy their surroundings. The Tipi is a perfect style of venue to provide you and your guests with a calm and wholesome place to celebrate, compared to traditional alternatives such as a high-pressure church or registry office. Wedding days are usually very busy and fly by before you know it, so it’s great to be able to avoid wasting that valuable celebration time by ensuring the upheaval of travelling from one venue to another on the day. Having one location presents you with the bliss knowledge that as soon as you’re ready and have arrived, your work is done!

A Unique, Natural and Stress-Free Setting

It can be easy to create stress for yourself on your wedding day with the pressures of pleasing your guests and having things go exactly as planned. One way you can immediately take the pressure off yourself and reduce your stress on the day is by having your wedding in a location that is surrounded by nature and the outdoors. The lead up to a wedding can provoke stress and overwhelm, so it’s crucial on the day that you can truly enjoy and revel in your hard work that made this amazing celebration happen! A Tipi venue allows you to have stable shelter, whilst still being able to enjoy the best benefits of nature and glorious weather. Whatever the weather when the time comes, you’ll still be able to go ahead with the day and immerse yourself in the alluring outdoors however much you want to. Let your hair down and embrace the rolling countryside while you take a minute to take in your surroundings on the day. People say that wedding days fly by in an instant, so take your time and admire an eloquent landscape between the fantastic memories the day will bring. Also, it makes for an incredibly scenic backdrop for the day’s selfies and photography!

Budget Friendly

One of the first things that comes to mind as soon as you and your partner begin thinking about planning your wedding is budget. Your entire day revolves around your budget, and this (understandably) is what you need to plan first, before deciding on what type of venue you’d like to pursue. With a Tipi Wedding Venue, you’ll find there is a lot of flexibility with prices, packages and add ons. When booking a Tipi Wedding with us, you have complete control over what you’d like to invest your budget in on the day, and there will be no expectations or ‘one size fits all’ insinuations from our friendly team. We understand that weddings in general are expensive, and that’s why our options give you budget-friendly options so you can make your day suit you. We can help guide you through which packages might suit how you want your day’s itinerary to flow and what you’d like to prioritise.

Bespoke & Flexible

The one thing that’s a must when it comes to planning your wedding is making sure every detail suits you and your partner down to a T. The music should be what you both love dancing to, the food should be what you both love eating, and the overall vibe should reflect you both when you’re at your happiest. Your guests are attending your wedding because they want to celebrate your day with you, and to get to know you better as a couple. So, let this be a day that welcomes your loved ones into an experience of what makes you both happy, with a bespoke and flexible plan that mirrors your charisma and character. With our packages, accommodation, add ons and bundles, you’ll be able to work with our experienced team to create a day that represents you, that sits within your budget. The beauty of a Tipi Wedding Venue is that you can make it as big or small as you’d like, we offer flexibility in our options so that you can create a bespoke day with your name on it.

Why Choose Us for a Tipi Wedding?

At The Boars Head Hotel, our experienced team will work endlessly hard to ensure that you not only enjoy this unique wedding experience, but that your guests do too. Your wedding is something yourselves and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime, so it’s crucial to make it count! We work closely with Sami Tipi to provide a one-of-a-kind experience on your special day, and we pride ourselves on our fantastic service and years of wedding experience. This not only allows you to enjoy the celebrations, but it gives you a completely stress-free and 110% joyous experience. Our Tipi wedding venue boasts a 2.5-acre exclusive field, a beautiful hotel with up to 23 rooms and plenty of free parking for your guests. This is one of the many advantages of booking your Tipi wedding with us, and you can find out further details by getting in touch with our team or visiting our Tipi Weddings page.

Contact Our Team

We hope this article has provided you with enough information regarding reasons you should consider a Tipi wedding venue. If you’d like to view our Tipi wedding brochure, price list and packages, location, and hotels and accommodation, visit our Tipi Weddings page. When you book an initial consultation with us, our wedding coordinator, Gabrielle, will give you a tour of the venue and discuss what you’re expecting on the day (such as guest numbers, etc). If you’ve already decided on a date and would like to book a Tipi, always check with Sami Tipi to ensure they have availability for your chosen date. If you’re looking for an extraordinary way to celebrate your wedding day in style, contact us today for more information or to book a consultation. Our team will be happy to talk you through the details!
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