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Sunday’s Are The Best Days

Sunday’s Are The Best Days

Sunday, the day of rest? Yes, we’re laughing too! Sundays are far from the relaxing day that they once were. With more and more of us now filling the day with a vast array of jobs around the house, the weekly shop, or even having to work. So we think you deserve to take at least one Sunday to yourself this month. Here’s Why.

Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch, for many, is the best meal of the week. The meal where the whole family agrees to sit down and enjoy it together. The only downside to cooking a Sunday lunch at home is the sheer amount of hard work that goes into it. We always find that there is usually one person in the house that does all the cooking, week after week, and that same someone does the washing up too. Fair? We think not! So whether it’s you who does the cooking and you need a break? Or you think your loved one works hard over the stove every other week and you would like to treat them (without cooking yourself) why not treat the whole family to a Sunday Lunch at the Boars Head Hotel.

Not So Carvery, Carvery

Here at the Boars Head Hotel, we used to be well known for our fantastic carveries. However, you’ll be surprised to find that we have done away with our carveries altogether! We now offer a not so carvery, carvery! While we absolutely adore the idea of a carvery, loading your own plate with the foods you love, we think that you lose a touch of the quality that you get from fresh foods. That’s why we have started loading your plate with your choice of meats and fresh veg and delivering it straight to your table. Are you a bit of a fussy eater and not a fan of certain veg? Simply let your server know, and we’ll ensure that this doesn’t arrive on your plate! Leaving you with all your favourites, but fresher than ever!

Stay For Dessert

While you may have been relaxing while eating your Sunday lunch, there’s no need to rush off. Why not treat yourself to a tasty dessert too! We don’t want to hear that you are too full to eat dessert, we know that everyone has that second stomach for something sweet. And you know exactly what we are talking about! Our favourite dessert of the moment is the Black Forest Roulade served with chantilly cream and cherry syrup.

A Cheeky Sunday Tipple

It would be rude not to treat yourself to a little tipple on a Sunday! When you take a chance on a beef dinner, we strongly recommend trying a nice glass of our full-bodied reds. If you’ve gone for poultry, try a nice dry white. Looking for something else? Take a look at our cocktail menu, where we have some classics, and some modern takes on great cocktails. Of course, you can go soft, our collection of soft drinks includes a selection of Fentimans favourites like ginger beer and dandelion and burdock!

Feel like you need a break this Sunday? Head over to your favourite gastropub in Sudbury, the Boars Head Hotel! Get in touch today to reserve your table!

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